Overview of bachelor programmes

Leiden University currently offers 16 English-taught programmes across 5 of our 
7 faculties. Learn about each one in our overview of programmes.

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Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

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Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

‘I decided to study Arts, Media and Society because I have a passion for art and culture, and for everything related to them. For example, I’m active in the organisation of Leiden’s Museum Night. That event is entirely organised by students in Leiden. I think that’s extraordinary; in every other city, the event is organised by professionals. It just goes to show how much students can do! This year, I was responsible for PR and everything that goes along with it.

People often say that it’s difficult to find a job in the cultural sector, but I’m sure it will help that I have gained theoretical knowledge in my studies and learned additional skills in practice. I think I would like to set up my own business in the future, perhaps illustrating books for children. I also find the TV and radio world very interesting. I really like being in front of the camera and presenting things, so maybe I’ll do something with that too.’

Sanne Heynen
Loves to spend time in museums