Arts and academics: 
the best of both worlds!

Are you looking for an extra challenge in your studies? Do you have a passion for visual art, music or design? You can enrich and deepen your studies at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA). The arts and academics can complement, challenge and inspire each other. Via the ACPA, you have several options to combine your academic study with the fields of visual arts, design or music.


The APCA offers electives covering  different disciplines in art and music. Courses such as Music Cognition, Music – Philosophy – Politics, Music x Technology, and Popular and Global Music link music to philosophy, psychology, rhetoric and even artificial intelligence. If you are more into visual arts and design, in the Essay Film in Theory and Practice you’ll research how filmmakers use the essay film to highlight social problems. Hacking Tools as Artistic Research is all about exploring the different sorts of interaction that are possible with everyday digital or physical tools. Exhibition Research Lab examines the possibilities of the exhibition as a framework for research, experiment and (re)presentation.


In the Minor in Music Studies you learn to think about music in a different way. Music is more than just an art form, more than entertainment. What are the different roles of music within our society? And how does music influence politics, media and technology, for instance? In this minor, theory and practice come together.  

The Minor in Creative Strategies for a Society in Change makes a connection between gaining insight into creative processes and exploring social issues that characterise our time. The perspective is that of the visual arts disciplines, including film and design. The thematic emphasis is on broad social developments and urgencies that involve a multitude of topics, such as migration, climate change, and anti-racist struggles.

Music and visual arts programme

ACPA has two programmes for motivated and highly talented students: Practicum Musicae, a music programme at the Royal Conservatoire, and Practicum Artium, a visual arts programme at the Royal Academy of Art. These programmes are easy to combine with your timetable at Leiden University and offer you the opportunity to develop your talent to a high level.