Information activities

Want to find out more about what it’s like to study at Leiden University? Looking for more information about the content of the programme? Keen to hear about students’ experiences and ask them all about their studies? Find out which activities can help you choose the programme that suits you.

Discover the basics of the programme

On our website you will find tips on how to make an educated decision about the right study programme for you. You will also find informational videos for all our programmes, including this one. Each video gives you more details about the content of the programme, the different courses you will study and we will inform you about your career prospects as well. Finished the video? Come and visit us on-campus during the Open Day or join our Online Open Day for international students. You will find out what students think of the programme and get to know your future student city.

Find out more about the programme

To get an in-depth understanding of the programme, as well as experience the courses and the lectures yourself, you can take part in various activities. Become a Student for a Day, join an Experience Day, or follow an Online Experience module whenever it suits you best. 

Follow a virtual tour

Our virtual tours take you around the cities of Leiden and The Hague, show you around on campus and into our classrooms. Take a 360 degree spin on your phone and discover the cities favourite spots or let our students show you the way around their favourite study locations. Experience Leiden University if you have visited us in person.

Chat with a student

Do you have questions about student life in Leiden or The Hague, studying at Leiden University, or do you want more information about a specific programme? Our students are ready and available for you through the chat on our website.

More information

Check for when these activities are being held, whether they are online or in person in Leiden or The Hague and how to register for them:

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