Universities in the Netherlands do not own the accommodation that is available to students, and as such, Leiden University cannot guarantee housing for incoming students. Most students will rent a room or share facilities in an apartment or house with fellow students. As Leiden University is an urban campus, student housing is spread throughout the cities of Leiden and The Hague, as well as the surrounding areas. Finding accommodation in either city can be difficult. We recommend that you start your search as soon as you can, as it is your responsibility to find a room prior to your arrival. There are two main ways to find accommodation:

Finding housing on your own 

House hunting in the Netherlands can be challenging, so we strongly recommend starting as early as possible. You may be unfamiliar with procedures and prices; websites and advertisements are often in Dutch. On our Finding housing yourself webpage you can access up-to-date information, intended to help international students to find accommodation and avoid possible pitfalls. You can independently look for housing via private landlords or housing associations. There are a number of housing organisations that can assist, such as DUWO. Social media platforms are also a good source to help find options and possible roommates. The housing website offers a list of tips and tricks for finding housing on your own.

Via Leiden University

You can also apply for a housing offer through the university. Leiden University reserves a limited number of rooms each year for new international students who apply early enough. Here you will be assisted in finding accommodation in Leiden or The Hague. Accommodation ranges in location, size, number of people with whom you share facilities and rental fees. Our advice: try to find housing via other routes as well. Due to availability, the university cannot guarantee accommodation to all students who request housing. Accommodation is allocated on a first-come first-served basis, according to the date we have received the housing fee, so request housing early and pay the housing fee! There’s no need to await the outcome of your application for admission.

Residence Life Programme

In a number of housing locations there are Resident Assistants (RAs) to help international students feel at home in Leiden and The Hague. They aim to bring students together, create a sense of community and foster a safe and tolerant living environment. They also offer support in practical and personal matters, and can refer you to Leiden University’s wide range of professional support staff if required.