Looking for a Challenge

Leiden Leadership Programme (ILLP)

The LLP provides participants with the necessary knowledge, insights, and skills about leadership to enhance the impact they have on society. The programme runs from November to June and is open to master’s students from our university as well as Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. This intensive extracurricular course is done alongside the regular master’s programme and requires substantial motivation and dedication. Students who are admitted, learn how to make an impact through lectures by scientists and professionals in the field, skills training, and a practical assignment. The latter enables participants to tackle a topical problem put forward by the LLP’s partner organisations. This programme invites applications from both Dutch-speaking and international students.


Study or internship abroad

Some programmes may allow you to follow a study abroad or internship abroad. This is an extra challenge for the most qualified students.

If you choose to do an internship or to follow part of your Leiden study programme outside of the Netherlands, you may be eligible to apply for a grant covering part of the costs. This is possible through the Erasmus+ programme for study, research or a traineeship in a European country, or through Leiden University Lustra+ programme. Lustra+ is intended for study, internship or research at an institution or in a company
outside Europe.

Dual master’s programme

This involves embarking upon two different university degrees at the same time. They can be complementary, or, they can be very different from one another. However, it is crucial that you obtain approval of the faculties involved. Please note that there may be an additional tuition fee involved.

Research master’s programmes

Most faculties offer two-year research master’s programmes, which are more intensive than the regular master’s programmes. They are designed for highly motivated students, and are a good preparation for a PhD study.

Advanced master’s programmes

The Leiden University Law School offers these in-depth programmes which cover a specific area of legal expertise. Designed for excellent students with legal experience and qualified lawyers who wish to enhance their career prospects, classes are small and students benefit from close contact with professors and expert practitioners from the relevant legal field.


The Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs offers the two-year advanced master programme International Relations and Diplomacy. An unique blend of academic education in international relations and political science with practical graduate education and training in international negotiation and diplomacy.

After I came to the Netherlands, I decided to do a new master's programme to learn more about data science and to become a highly qualified member of related fields. I want to be a statistical consultant so I applied to the master's programme in Statistics and Data Science at Leiden University. It was a big challenge for me to adapt to the courses and a new system in a new country. However, I can say that the assigned mentor/buddy really helped me. 

After three weeks studying at Leiden University, I started to experience the effect of having Leiden University on my CV and Linkedin Profile. Without any application on my behalf, a recruiter contacted me about an internship position. That was so cool. After one semester, I am starting a 6 month internship at high-tech company ASML. Now I feel more confident about my future plans and dreams.

Esra Turkhan
Statistics and Data Science