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Philosophy (120 EC)



September - February 


2 year



This programme is intended for students of a non-philosophical discipline who are interested in a philosophical reflection on their field of study. It offers training in text interpretation and analysing and solving abstract problems. Possible points of interest include: the foundations, history and methodology of the chosen field of study, the relationship with related fields of study and the ethics of professional practice.


  • Philosophy of Humanities
  • Philosophy of Law, Governance, and Politics
  • Philosophy in World Traditions


Positions in research, as well as in the public sector, in journalism and communication, business services, culture and teaching.

Best preparatory bachelor’s

A bachelor’s degree from a university, equivalent to the level of a Dutch academic bachelor’s degree in a discipline relevant to the chosen specialisation, or a bachelor’s degree in a programme in which philosophy is combined with the chosen discipline.

English proficiency**

IELTS: 6.5 / TOEFL internet-based: 90

Faculty of Humanities

1 & 2

year master’s programmes


master's students


International master's students




EU/EEA student tuition fee*


Non-EU/EEA student tuition fee

* This tuition fee is per year and only applies if this is your first master’s programme in The Netherlands
** English language proficiency requirements are subject to change. Please check our website for the updated English language proficiency requirements. You can find the exact language requirements and more detailed language requirements per programme under each programme description. Also check our website for detailed information on the types of English tests accepted and the equivalent scores for IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English tests.
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