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Technical Medicine

Dutch / English


September - February


3 year


Leiden / Delft & Rotterdam

The programme of Technical Medicine is a unique interdisciplinary joint-degree master’s programme, offered by the Delft University of Technology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University and their Academic Medical Centers. It’s a multidisciplinary programme which links science and technology with clinical practice and its professional medical procedures. The master’s programme offers two tracks. Please visit our website for the specific descriptions of our master’s tracks.


  • Imaging & Intervention
  • Sensing & Stimulation


The prospects for clinical technicians in the job market are promising. Technology is becoming increasingly important in health care and is resulting in a growing need for technically qualified medical professionals. Clinical Technicians create and apply new solutions for technical-medical problems in direct patient care by devising new, better and safe diagnostics and therapeutic procedures.

Best preparatory bachelor’s

BSc degree in Clinical Technology from a Dutch university.

Language proficiency 

Language requirement Dutch (and English): the theoretical MSc programme will be taught in Dutch and English; the skills training and the communication in the clinic will be in Dutch. Students with a foreign bachelor’s degree certificate may only be admitted if they meet the specific requirements in Dutch (NT2).

Faculty of Medicine/LUMC

1 & 2

year master’s programmes


master's students


International master's students




EU/EEA student tuition fee*


Non-EU/EEA student tuition fees per programme:

  • €21,200 Vitality and Ageing
  • €21,200 Biomedical Sciences
  • €31,100 Medicine
  • €31,100 Pharmacy
  • €21,200 Population Health Management
  • €4,500 Transfusion Medicine and Cellular and Tissue Therapies
  • €20,560 Technical Medicine
  • (2023/2024)

* This tuition fee is per year and only applies if this is your first master's programme in The Netherlands. This doesn't apply for the Master Transfusion Medicine and Cellular and Tissue Therapies (MSc)
** English language proficiency requirements are subject to change. Please check our website for the updated English language proficiency requirements. You can find the exact language requirements and more detailed language requirements per programme under each programme description. Also check our website for detailed information on the types of English tests accepted and the equivalent scores for IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English tests.
NOTE: Tuition fees are subject to change. Please check online our updated tuition fees.