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Industrial Ecology





2 year


Leiden / Delft

The Master's programme in Industrial Ecology is a unique collaboration between Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. The master's allows students to explore the intricate balance between nature, technology, and society as they develop the skills to address the world's most pressing sustainability challenges. The programme seamlessly integrates natural science, engineering, and social science, offering students a holistic approach toproblem-solving. Graduates are equipped to become catalysts for change, contributing to sustainable solutions and leaving a lasting impact on our world.


  • Industrial Ecology

  • Circular Economy (Erasmus Mundus programme CIRCLE)***


Industrial Ecology graduates thrive in diverse careers spanning business, industry, government, NGOs, universities, and research institutes. Your expertise in sustainability and systems thinking opens doors to impactful opportunities. Shape corporate strategies, influence policy-making, or conduct cutting-edge research—the degree equips graduates to drive positive change and contribute to a sustainable future.

Best preparatory bachelor’s

Applicants with a bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences, Engineering Sciences, or Social Sciences from an accredited university program, equivalent to three years of Dutch academic education, are eligible for admission. The bachelor's degree should include one or more courses with a minimum of 8 EC in mathematics, programming, and/or statistics.

English proficiency**

IELTS: minimum 6.5 (minimum 6.0 per component)
TOEFL: internet-based 90 (minimum 20 per component)

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International master's students




EU/EEA student tuition fee*


Non-EU/EEA student tuition fee

* This tuition fee is per year and only applies if this is your first master’s programme in The Netherlands
** English language proficiency requirements are subject to change. Please check our website for the updated English language proficiency requirements. You can find the exact language requirements and more detailed language requirements per programme under each programme description. Also check our website for detailed information on the types of English tests accepted and the equivalent scores for IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English tests.
*** For application via CIRCLE programme, limited spots are available
NOTE: Tuition fees are subject to change. Please check online our updated tuition fees.