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Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology





1 year



This programme foregrounds ethnography as a method, to create insights into everyday cultural practices relevant to global processes of change. You can either propose your own individual research project (Global Ethnography), conduct more applied research with an organisation or interest group (Sociology of Policy in Practice), or engage in a research project which foregrounds audiovisual methods (Visual Ethnography). Research projects can be conducted worldwide, both in face-to-face settings, as well as using online and digital tools.


  • Global Ethnography
  • Sociology of Policy in Practice
  • Visual Ethnography (starts only in September)


Our graduates typically embark on careers in media (press, online), non-governmental organisations, local, provincial and national administration, teaching, the creative and digital field, as well as in academia.

Best preparatory bachelor’s

A Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology or a bachelors degree with a major in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, or equivalent from an internationally-recognised university.

English proficiency**

IELTS: 6.5 / TOEFL internet-based: 90

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences 

1 & 2

year master’s programmes


master's students


International master's students




EU/EEA student tuition fee*


Non-EU/EEA student tuition fee

* This tuition fee is per year and only applies if this is your first master’s programme in The Netherlands
** English language proficiency requirements are subject to change. Please check our website for the updated English language proficiency requirements. You can find the exact language requirements and more detailed language requirements per programme under each programme description. Also check our website for detailed information on the types of English tests accepted and the equivalent scores for IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English tests.
NOTE: Tuition fees are subject to change. Please check online our updated tuition fees.