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Law and Society



September - February 


1 year


The Hague

Taught in The Hague

This Master offers a unique opportunity to study the interaction between law and social issues. The programme enables you to acquire in-depth knowledge of the different ways in which laws and legal institutions affect society and vice versa— how society influences the formation and functioning of law. You will study the complexity and ambiguity of rule of law. The programme takes an interdisciplinary perspective, combining insights from law, social sciences and humanities, and it has an explicitly
global focus.


Experts from the professional field have expressed a need for students trained in an interdisciplinary, socio-legal approach to law, with an in-depth understanding of the formation and functioning of law. Career prospects that students should think of when choosing this master are intergovernmental organisations, national and European Union civil services, academia, lobby and consultancy firms and small, medium and large-size firms.

Best preparatory bachelor’s

A bachelor’s degree in Law or Social Sciences or a bachelor’s degree from a University College or another discipline related to law and justice.

English proficiency**

IELTS: 6.5 / TOEFL internet-based: 90

Leiden Law School


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master's students


international master’s students
(95% in Advanced LL.M.  programmes)




EU/EEA student tuition fee*


Non-EU/EEA student tuition fee

The Advanced LL.M. programmes are not subsidised by the Dutch government. For these programmes an institutional tuition fee applies. The tuition fee for the Advanced LL.M. programmes for all students is €20,900 (€10,450 Advanced LLM programmes - part-time)

* This tuition fee is per year and only applies if this is your first master’s programme in The Netherlands
**  English language proficiency requirements are subject to change. Please check  our website for the updated English language proficiency requirements. You can  find the exact language requirements and more detailed language requirements  per programme under each programme description. Also check our website for  detailed information on the types of English tests accepted and the equivalent  scores for IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge English tests.
NOTE: Tuition fees are subject to change. Please check online our updated tuition fees.