The Hague
City of Peace, Justice and Security

Students who come to The Hague to study want to make a difference. This is the place where you can realise your ambitions – for your own future and for a better world. The Hague proudly claims the title of ‘the international city of peace, justice and security’. It is the seat of government, home to the Dutch monarchy, NATO, the International Criminal Court, embassies and consulates from around the world, plus hundreds of organisations, multinational companies, knowledge centres and think tanks.

International environment

The Hague unites countries from all across the globe and is deeply involved in building a safe and just world, with the impressive, world-famous Peace Palace at the centre of it all. It is the perfect environment to encourage dialogue and debate. You can immediately apply what you learn as a student in the international environment that The Hague offers. Attend guest lectures by highly respected experts or intern at one of the many institutions that help to shape our world – all right in your own backyard!

A coffee with the prime minister

The Hague is home to both the government of the Netherlands and the King, so don’t be surprised if you find our prime minister sitting next to you while you’re having a cappuccino. If you pass by Noordeinde Palace, you can see for yourself if the King is working. Just don’t expect him there during the biggest celebration of the year, King’s Day. Prepare to dress in orange and celebrate with the Dutch on this day, the king’s birthday!

What you need to know about… The Hague

A city full of art and culture

With the most historic sites per square metre in the Netherlands, The Hague oozes culture and history. Gazing straight into the eyes of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring at the Mauritshuis museum is just a beautiful, five-minute-walk away from losing all sense of perspective at Escher in Het Paleis. Go on from there to discover Madurodam, where you’ll find the whole of the Netherlands at your feet.
Must sees in The Hague

The Mondriaan

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